Weekend Ride to Alpine AZ

That AZ heat is finally starting to slowly disappear, and it’s beginning to feel like fall.  Camryn and I wanted to get up to the mountains and check out the autumn colors.  We made a beeline up to Apache Sitgreaves National Forest for a nice weekend ride, and to test our new 3DR smart drone.

I was eager to tryout the “follow me” mode, which Camryn soon discovered, it should have been called “Attack mode”, as I stopped a little past where she was parked, the drone decided that Camryn’s head looked like a good place to land.  She ducked out of the way and grab the landing gear to avoid getting a hair cut, but we ended up getting some great footage. (check out the video above)

If your looking for a super easy ride with an abundance in scenic diversity, this is it.  White Mountain Scenic Rd. will take you from desert canyons to wide open grass lands, pine forests, and pristine lakes. However, with all the gorgeous landscape your little eyeballs are taking in, you still might want to keep a good eye on the road. Because, as free as you may be feeling, the Cows are just as free here.

The original plan was to camp, but once we rode for a while in 40 degree weather and had all of the heat zapped from our extremities, I sat inside my helmet, praying that Camryn would opt for staying at our favorite Alpine, AZ retreat known as the Tal Wi Wi Cabins (pronounced, “tall wee wee”).  I no sooner said ,”Amen” when Camryn radioed, “I don’t think camping is such a great idea…”  Praise the Lord, and pass me the cabin keys!!

2015-10-09 16.58.36_Snapseed

These seven, nice, one-room, spacious, and very clean cabins are located on the back edge of town, but within walking distance to all the neat little shops and restaurants.  While your in Alpine, have breakfast at the Bear’s Wallow and dinner at the Foxfire, the food and the people are always awesome.

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