For our 21st Wedding anniversary Camryn and I wanted to do something special. We love to travel, but rarely have the means or the time to do so. One day Camryn stumbled upon a set of tickets to Australia for $500.00 round trip/person, and that pretty much sealed the deal on what we were going to do.

The tickets are from a website called At first I was in total disbelief. While thinking to myself, “there is no way these tickets are legit.” Camryn proceeds to book them. Turns out, they were very real.


We first started thinking about what we wanted to do. Sitting in a hotel room for two weeks was certainly out of the question. After all, what is the point of visiting another country if all you do is stay in one location the whole time, where your biggest adventure is deciding where to eat that night. We wanted to get out and explore!

What better way to experience and be connected with the environment that you’re in, than on the back of a motorcycle.

Being both owners and huge fans of BMW, we opted for the 1200 GS. It’s tough, reliable, and has got plenty of power to lug my fat butt and all my gear around OZ.
We found a company online, called BikeRoundOZ. They weren’t the only ones to pop up on google, but after reading over all the companies, they seemed to be the best organized and equipped. Later on, they would become much more valuable resource than I expected.

With the flights and the bikes booked, I started building an Itinerary. Camryn and I compiled a list of places that we wanted to see along the way, plotted them on the map, and pretty soon a route started to appear. The folks at Bikeround OZ had some great advise on what roads to take.


From Brisbane we will ride inland through Mount Barney National Park, following the Great Dividing Range down to our first camp in Glen Innes.

On day 2 we ride further south through Hanging Rock State Forest and into Murrurundi for two nights at an AirBNB.

Then to Mill Creek Camp, riding through Yengo National Park, just outside Sydney, where we hope to stop at Pancakes on the Rocks, for breakfast the next morning.

From Sydney we head north, following with coast line to campsites at Mungo Brush, Diamond Head Beach for two nights, Trial Bay Gaol, through Waterfall Way to Diggers Camp, and turning inland for a bit, we will arrive in Cutters camp for a night.

For the last leg of the trip, we ride up to Cleveland, just outside of Brisbane, where we will load our bikes onto a ferry and travel across the bay to Stradbroke Island where we will be staying at the Stradie Beach house at Point Lookout for our last two nights.

Then, sadly, head back into Brisbane, return the bikes, pack our junk and head home.

Here is a bit of what went down, from the planing all the way up to our first day on the road.

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