Australia Day 3 & 4…Rest, a little Shopping…and a Horse Auction?


It’s day three, our rest day (yeah… right),  and time to head to the grocery store.  This is something we planned to do on day one, and then again on day two.  However, I have neglected our need for food and water long enough, and Camryn is about to kill me, so we are off to Tamworth NSW.

Tamworth is a city in the New England region of New South Wales, Australia. Straddling the Peel River, right in the middle of Horse Country.  

Tamworth is home to Australia’s largest Country Music Festival…Typically the event is 10 days long, has more than 2oo performers, and draws over 200k visitors…we just missed it!




Tamworth is also the location of one of the only camping stores in the last 654 miles or 1211 kilometers, and was where we needed to go in order to find fuel for our Jet-Boil….did I also mention food?

As we arrived in Tamworth, Camryn noticed a convention center with a rather large number of horse trailers, I was going ride right by but oh no…we had to stop!  Horses and I don’t get along to well, but that is a story for another day.  It turned out to be a cutting horse auction, It was pretty cool to see the different styles  hats, boots and riding.  We were so mesmerized by one rider we forgot too film it…and she was the best one, we named her gumby legs.   We did however, get some footage you will see in the clip below, we also got a few interested looks, since everyone was in their fancy  western wear and we’re walking around with moto boots and helmets.

Here are some of the highlights from Day 3…

Day four was a short travel day, we started out early because our body clocks haven’t adjusted yet.  It was cold, so we layered up and headed out to our next camp site at Mill Creek.

It is now the 12th of June, and come to find out its the Queen’s birthday.  This being a national holiday, all the back country roads and twisty mountain passes are filled with a diverse group of motorcyclists, weekend racers, as café hoppers making their holiday rounds. When I say rounds, I do mean rounds.  There are cafe’s that line Putty Road on the north end of Yengo National Park.  I can’t remember how many kilometers there were between them, but it couldn’t have been more than 10-20 kms at the most.  We saw the same bikers over and over again…I don’t know how much coffee one person can drink!


Photo by John Keogh

The Grey Gum was a great place to eat.  We met some interesting people there, with plenty of two-wheeled stories to share.  So, after an hour passes, and with a smile on my face, trying to ignore the telepathic stink-eye from Camryn, trying to let me know that its time to shut-up and get back on the bike.  “WE GOT THINGS TO SEE, AND PLACES TO BE”.

After leaving the Grey Gum, we got back onto Putty Rd. heading south.  Soon I began to realize why this road was so popular with bikers.  Dense scenic forests segmented by rocky cliff walls and more than it’s fair share of banked turns and hill climbs, my favorite!  I can see Camryn is falling further and further behind me (not her favorite), as I can’t help myself…gradually gaining speed leaning the bike deeper into the turns, yelling over the intercom, “WE GOT FUN BITS UP AHEAD, WOOHOO!”  to which she replies “awesome” I know she really doesn’t mean it.  (she is new to this whole bike thing, I’m just happy she’s trying)

Some time later we came to our first ferry crossing, on the Hawkesbury River and greeted by a opossum sized rat.

Anyway, here’s day 4.

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