Australia Day 5: Pancakes on the Rocks with a Bike on it’s side


Today I think we overslept a bit, I think it was like 6 or so when woke up to the sound of those crazy loud birds again, and maybe one loan person snoring :).  I’ve never seen…more like heard so many birds in my whole life.  The closest thing I’ve seen is when I was little the Canadian Geese use to migrate through our town.  Even that doesn’t even hold a candle to the huge flocks of different types of birds in Australia.  There are millions of them!


Kookaburra making all it’s racket!

Camryn and I quietly take down the tent and pack everything up, but were a little concerned about starting our bikes so early.  We decided to be good neighbors and  walk the bikes out of our campsite and down the road about 100 yards or so before we start them up.  I hate it when neighbors aren’t considerate of others when in the great outdoors.  It’s not like we all have thick walls…

There’s no one on the road this early, so we were able to make our way down to the ferry quickly.  We needed to head back across the river, and we just make it before the ferry pushes off, they were closing the gates already but we’re nice and opened them back up for us.  It was just us and a loan bicycle rider on the boat this time.

We have to head back through the town of Wisemans Ferry, and I believe Camryn is starting to stress out a bit, because she knows that she will have to go back up the steep hairpin turn that she came down the day before. Unfortunately she let her nerves get to her and almost stalls out going up the hill.  I think it was a combination of being extremely tired, cold, and the anticipation overcoming a difficult obstacle, but mostly tired and cold.  Luckily she didn’t loose it, we had the whole road to ourselves and she was able to take her time and focus.  I am proud of her, being on a bike in the first place is new to her…a 1200 is a heavy  bike but she didn’t letting it intimidate her (most of the time).  Every time she gets on and rides she gets better and better.


Today we will finally hit Sydney before turning north for the remainder of the trip.  Our first stop is breakfast!

One of Camryn’s clients told her about a breakfast pace in Sydney that we should try called Pancakes on the Rocks.  I’m not sure how she knew about it since she had never been to Australia, but it had something to do with a radio show and a random prank call.  Either way it sounded good to me, I love pancakes!

Getting into Sydney was pretty easy and Breakfast was AWESOME, I’m glad we stopped.  Thank you Camryn’s client!  Getting out of Sydney was another story.  Sydney was in the middle of a month long event called Sydney in Lights, there were several street closing and detours.  All the streets and traffic was supposed to completely shut down after a certain time of day.  There were multi-level, and  dead-end streets. Did I mention the GPS we ordered never showed up…we were on our own for navigation. (the REVER app saved our bacon).

I ended up taking Camryn down, a small side street, causing us to make a sharp U-turn on an incline, which resulted in hearing loud scream in my headset.  I turned to see Camryn rolling down the hill without her bike, which is on it’s side at the top of the hill…OK may not a huge hill but still a hill.  I thought she was warming up, but maybe today is not going to be her day 🙂

I was glad to see that she was ok, and her little spill gave us a good excuse to stop and try to collect ourselves before moving on to our next destination.  We were thinking of staying to see some of the lights tonight but it had been a stressful day dealing with all the traffic and city roads, so we decided to head out.

We stopped in the town of Gosford along the way to stock up on some groceries.  We aren’t going to be close to any restaurants or stores tonight.  Camryn is tired and just wants to get to the campground.  I don’t blame her, I feel the same way. We got to the campsite while the sun was still up, but by the time we set up the tent and made a cup of coffee it was dark.


We were the only people in the whole campsite.

Next time, we are headed up to Diamond Head Beach where we get to camp next to the water with a bunch of Kangaroos. So make sure to come back!

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